When a loved one dies in the state of Kansas, his or her estate must often pass through a process known as “probate.” The probate process can be confusing, so it’s best to consult with a qualified probate attorney if you are involved in a family or friend’s probated estate.

Probate Basics

Probate is a court-managed legal process often required to settle an individual’s estate after he or she dies. During the probate procedure, the deceased individual’s debts are settled and his or her assets are transferred to heirs. If the deceased person left a valid will behind, property is distributed according to the instructions included in the will. If the person left no valid will, however, then his or her assets will be distributed to heirs according to Kansas law.

The probate process also involves an executor or administrator, which is an individual who has been named in the will and/or appointed by the court and given responsibility for overseeing the administration of the estate. In most cases, the probate process includes the following steps:

  • Filing of the petition to initiate the probate process.
  • Notice of the estate is sent to heirs.
  • Filing of the petition to appoint an executor or administrator.
  • The estate administrator or executor takes inventory of estate assets and debts.
  • Estate assets are sold, if necessary.
  • Estate debts are paid.
  • Any remaining property is distributed to heirs.
  • The estate is closed.

Hiring a Lawyer

The probate process is often lengthy, costly and complicated, especially if the will is contested by an heir. Hiring a qualified attorney who has experience dealing with probate in Kansas can help to expedite the process and ensure that it is completed properly. A probate lawyer can also help you avoid probate for your own estate in the future through the use of various estate planning tools, such as trusts.

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