Guardianships and Conservatorships are a huge responsibility and, as such, the appropriation of guardianship or conservatorship (or both) can be incredibly difficult to establish. At the Law Offices of Amy Vinton, individuals interested in establishing guardianships or conservatorships are carefully guided through this difficult process.

Guardianship Versus Conservatorship

Clients in the midst of estate planning often struggle to understand the difference between guardianship and conservatorship. Although many seek assistance with both provisions at the Law Offices of Amy Vinton, some prefer to stick with just one of these approaches. Guardianship occurs when an individual — often a senior citizen — is no longer able to sufficiently care for him or herself. If, prior to this unfortunate incapacity, the individual failed to grant medical power of attorney or create a living will, it may be necessary for a loved one to seek guardianship. If approved, the individual seeking guardianship will be able to ensure that the suffering individual receives proper care.

Conservatorship, while often compared to guardianship, is different in many respects. In a conservatorship, a Conservator is appointed, with the express purpose of managing the financial affairs of an individual unable to do so for him or herself. Often, conservatorships are granted by children who have received inheritances and have parents unable to properly manage these assets.

Drafting Necessary Documents: How A Guardianship Attorney Can Help

The process of establishing guardianship is complicated, at best, with individuals often failing to understand the implications of being named guardian for a senior citizen or disabled person unable to handle his or her own affairs.

In some cases, a legal guardianship may not actually be necessary. The individual seeking guardianship may be unaware of already existing documents, such as power of attorney or advanced health care directives. A guardianship attorney such as Amy can thoroughly investigate the details surrounding a potential guardianship, from there determining whether such an approach is, in fact, necessary.

The Law Offices Of Amy Vinton: A Trusted Resources For Clients Seeking Guardianship or Conservatorship

The establishment of guardianships and conseratorships are often fraught with tension, particularly when loved ones foster huge disagreements surrounding the identity of the ideal guardian and/or conservator. Often, the one place these individuals feel safe in voicing their concerns is at the Law Offices of Amy Vinton. Amy is able to assist adult relatives and children through the complicated guardianship appropriation process, ensuring that the best decision is made for the sake of the incapacitate individual in need of guardianship.

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