Estate Planning

Estate planning is never easy, but with the help of Amy Vinton, it need no longer be a nightmare. From basic wills to advanced trusts and health care directives, we assist clients throughout the entirety of the estate planning process, ensuring that their wishes are respected by successors.

Drafting Wills And Trusts With an experienced Estate Planning Attorney

A Trust or a Will may be the best way for an individual to ensure that his or her assets end up with desired successors. Without these  important documents, an estate may be left at the mercy of the court, with assets potentially being split or passed down in a haphazard manner. A trust, while similar in many respects to a will, involves the management of property both during the trustee’s life and and after he or she has passed away. This document identifies a successor, who is then held responsible for the property after the decease of the trustee or, in some cases, after the trustee has been incapacitated by illness or injury. Amy understands the often frustrating nature of these documents and is eager to help clients see their desires laid out and ultimately fulfilled through the drafting of trusts and wills.

Power Of Attorney And Advanced Health Care Directives

In addition to assisting clients with wills and trusts, Amy helps her clients determine what, exactly, will happen when they are no longer capable of managing their own affairs. Often, this process involves the completion of power of attorney documents and advanced health care directives. Power of attorney gives a trusted individual the ability to act as one’s agent, making legal, medical and financial decisions after the subject has become incapacitated due to illness or disability. Living wills, otherwise referred to as advanced health care directives, are often confused with medical power of attorney. While medical power of attorney names a responsible agent, a living will determines how an individual’s end-of-life care will be handled. Those who prefer to pursue hospice care can state this preference while drafting living wills

The Law Offices Of Amy Vinton: An Excellent Resource For Estate Planning

Nobody likes to think about his or her own death — and the mere thought of the decision-making process surrounding the passing on of personal property is every bit as distressing. However, this process is necessary, both for personal ease of mind and for the prevention of future disputes among loved ones. Amy serves as a trusted resource for both Kansas and Missouri residents in the midst of estate planning. Amy  offers worried clients a sympathetic ear, ultimately addressing their concerns with targeted advice. Her unique combination of legal knowledge and empathy allow for a level of trust rarely seen in law offices.

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