Civil Litigation

Civil litigation differs greatly from criminal law in that it involves the resolution of a contentious dispute between two or more parties. The goal of a civil litigator is to help his or her clients receive the compensation they deserve after suffering transgressions. The nature of such incidents can vary greatly depending on the individual pursuing damages, with common civil litigation cases involving workplace accidents, landlord and tenant disputes, consumer fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and business torts, just to name a few. Civil litigation attorney Amy Vinton provides high-quality representation in these and other civil litigation cases, ensuring that clients are able to obtain compensation for their physical, emotional or financial suffering.

Types Of Cases Requiring The Assistance Of  Civil Attorney

Civil litigation is a umbrella term used to cover a wide array of cases. The Law Offices of Amy Vinton provides representation for a variety of clients, with specific practice areas including child in need of care cases, paternity actions, divorces, grandparent visitation cases, and other civil matters.  No matter the nature of the case, Amy Vinton prides herself on her ability to offer excellent representation, both in and out of the courtroom.

The Law Offices Of Amy Vinton: A Trusted Civil  Resource

Amy can provide the targeted legal representation you require. Over the years, this trusted attorney has assisted a wide variety of clients, providing comprehensive services and standing up as a passionate courtroom advocate when necessary. At the Law Offices of Amy Vinton, clients are guaranteed to find a sympathetic ear. Amy listens patiently to her clients’ many concerns, later offering targeted advice surrounding the best possible course of action. If you require the assistance of a dedicated civil litigator with a history of success, look to the Law Offices of Amy Vinton for excellent legal representation.

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